Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sighh Designs

Polly Vadasz. Her designs, and the products created from such, are everywhere right now. A quick search of her shop, Sighh Designs, on Twitter or Instagram will give you the same eyes as that love heart eyed emoji. <3

As you will know if you're up to date, she has recently brought out a premium case design which is a major upgrade from the original slimline cases she stocks (which are still totally awesome). Sooooo, I thought I'd give a run down of the differences between the two from a customers perspective, a customer who shops on a budget but still like to treat herself too! 

So first, heads up, the premium cases are £4 more expensive at £18 but I think the extra is well worth it! (and just think, it's less than a fast food lunch, blessing in disguise??) Also, most good quality high street phone cases such as Skinny Dip, retail at at least £20 so just think that you're getting a hand drawn, made with love, case for less money! 

The Premium cases have a glossy finished compared to the sprayed on alternative and by jove does it make the colours pop and look fabulous darling. The glossy finish is also so nice to hold in your hand cause it's so smoothy smooth and good quality. The glossy finish also means the case is super easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth so it shouldn't stain or become faded over time. 

The case is also a little more bulky which I like as because I have an iPhone 6 which I protect with my life and soul, I want it to look fabulous but also stay protected. The thickness also means that there is no way that the case is gonna fall off or crack easily so you know your phone is safe. 

So I think from that it's clear that I'm a big fan of the new cases, her designs, and overall persona, so if you haven't already checked her out then please do. Her shop link is here, blog link here, twitter here, and instagram here.


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Everyday, Working Girl Face

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 'True Ivory;
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealor under the eyes in 'Ivory'
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in 'fair' for pinpoint concealing
Bourjois Aqua Blush 'Cocori Coral' pushed onto the apples of the cheeks with my fingers
Kiko Radiant Touch Highlighter (the rose one, there's no name!) on the high points of the face

Maybelline Brow Drama in 'medium brown' to get all the hairs going in the right direction and keep them put all day
Soap and Glory Brow Archery (I only use the tint side) in 'brownie points' to define the outer 2/3 of my brows, I tend the leave the insides with just the brow gel

MAC paint pot in 'painterly' to prime my lids and even the skin tone
Kiko Longlasting Eyeshadow stick in 'Golden Taupe'
MAC 'Mulch' eyeshadow to intensify the shadow stick and set it
Seventeen Waterproof mascara 

MAC lipstick in 'Faux' - my current everyday favourite!

This looks like a lot but honestly, it takes me about 10 minutes and looks like you've made a lot more effort! 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Musings: Flat Decor

With my move in being only 23 days away (not that I'm counting) (or that I have a countdown app on my phone), I can't help my mind but wander to all this decor, home ware, and ways to transform my student studio flat into a lovely space for me to feel at home in for the next year. I already adore pinterest but I am constantly scrolling through beautiful pictures, articles, and inspiration for all things homey.

One thing I really need to be organised and tidy is my desk so I have an entire pinterest board titled 'Bonjour Desk Inspiration' (can you tell I have a theme with my usernames, blog name, everything really...).

found on
How beautiful is this setup?! I adore the DIY mesh notice board, it's something super simple to make and is super effective, not only in being very useful, but also by looking so chic. I'm an avid lover of Caroline's blog, especially her DIY's which are always so cool! 

I LOVE this desk lamp! I'm really into my greys so it would really tie in with the theme I've got going on. I also like the print in the frame, I have a black frame which is filled with 4xA5 limited edition prints by the one and only Polly Vadasz  (see her shop and I can't wait for it to take pride of place on my desk. 

This photo is courtesy of @hayerlily on instagram and is used to illustrate my new bedding (shown in the photo) which has been sat untouched for months just waiting to go on my new bed! I'm also a massive fan of throws and lots of cushions cause it just makes a room feel so much more cosy! I think my boyfriend disagrees when we have to move approx. 769 cushions to get into bed though hehe! 

Finally is plants and flowers! A way to inject a bit of colour and life into a room and don't they just look so cute! There's a trip to Ikea on the cards and hopefully they'll have some succulents there, as well as some other cute items! 

If anyone knows of anywhere to buy nice but cheap matching kettle/toaster sets then please let me know cause I'm in the market for one! I can't wait to move in, a flat tour is definitely on the cards :)


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Kiko Cosmetics Haul

With pay day last Friday it was time for another splurge and as Kiko is a brand I've never bought anything from, I headed towards their website on the hunt for eyeshadow sticks and the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow dupes... I was pleasantly surprised at the 'SALE' note on the website so got more than I bargained for... Oops!

First up is the Long Lasting Eyeshadow sticks which are exactly what they say on the tin, really pigmented, beautiful colours that last a long time on the lid. I need a primer as I have heavily oily lids but that's nothing new for me and if you have normal eyelids (there's a phrase I never thought I'd say) then you'll be fine! 

Next up is the Water Eyeshadows which I showed on my instagram and people fell in love with! They are stunning and work wonderfully either with a wet brush (I like to dampen mine with the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water) or as they are. 

Then onto a stick highlighter which is another new thing for me as I usually opt for MAC Soft and Gentle (who am I kidding I wear this everyday!) which is a powder highlighter. At first I tried swiping this straight onto my face but I ended up looking like a glitterball. Not cool. So I take a small Zoeva buffing brush, swipe it over the bullet and then buff into the tops of my cheek bones, down the centre of my nose and then on my cupids bow. Much better. It's a rosy gold shade which is again, new for me as I'm normally drawn towards gold/champagne highlighters, and I love it, particularly as it ties in with my blush. 

I finally grabbed a new pair of eyelash curlers, nothing fancy there and then the fuchsia polish featured in my last post! What else should I grab from Kiko?



Monday, 3 August 2015

My Nail Painting Essentials

Since growing my nails I've been an avid nail painter and I'm constantly rocking a new shade of pop of colour on my tips, so I thought I'd share my tips for the best finish I can get without seeing an expert!

1. Remove existing colour. I tend to use a nourishing nail polish remover as most tend to be very harsh and I have naturally pretty weak nails, so I try to keep the harsh products down to a minimum.

2. File and Prep. I then give my hands a wash in cold water and a mild soap, and use a nail brush to get rid of any dirt under my nails (yuck). I then file any sharp edges to keep them looking neat.

3. I then use the Rimmel Nail Rescue Nail Nurse which is a nail hardening treatment/base coat which stops splitting, it's a fab budget option!

4. Colour! This is where I apply two coats of any colour which takes my fancy, I'm a massive fan of Essie, Barry M (currently the Quick Dry range, but also the Gelly Hi Shine range), Models Own, anything! But currently, I'm currently rocking this bright fuchsia from Kiko which was only £1 would you believe! My favourite all time polish which is constantly on my nails from September-March is Essie's Bahama Mama a wonderful burgundy (pictured), and a classic. 

5. My current favourite top coat is a new release from Barry M (I think) named Gelly Hi Shine Plumpy Top Coat which gives a lovely shine and dries pretty quickly too! 

6. To quickly dry my nails I use a few spritzes of the Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray which stops that initial tackiness, and although greasy, does a wonderful job. I then run my hands under cold water which gets rid of the greasiness and also hardens my polish.

So there you have it! The whole routine only takes about 20 minutes which isn't bad considering all the steps. I'm going for a shellac manicure and cream tea on Wednesday so I'm taking my camera to document the day with my Mum and Granny, I'm really excited and can't wait to see what shellac is like! 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Recent Reads

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn
My rating: 4/5 stars.
From the author from the hit novel and now adapted film 'Gone Girl' here's another offering from Gillian Flynn who is an incredible writer. The story focuses on Libby Day, who was just 7 years old when her brother was put behind bars for the murder of her sisters and mother, now alone and surviving from donations she is reached out to by a group who are convinced of her brother's innocence. She then begins to question what she saw that night and whether she thinks her brother is capable of such a horrific thing, and begins to uncover that everyone kept secrets that day, including her brother.

This book keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end as you begin to uncover more and more about what happened that day along with Libby and you'll find it really hard to put down.  (that tends to be a theme throughout all these reviews!) By the end you'll be left open mouthed and wanting to pick up another Gillian Flynn novel (I have my eye of Sharp Objects next...).

Before I Go To Sleep - SJ Watson
My Rating: 5/5 stars.
Christine wakes up every day with no memories of who she is, who she loves, her friends, her career, anything. After a brain injury her memory is erased every night and every morning she wakes up next to a man who she doesn't recognise, and one who may only be telling her half the story. Discover more of Christine's life along with the writing of her journal and uncover the answers to all the questions she comes up with every day. 

This book twists and turns with the discovery of more and more about Christine's past, present and future and by the end your jaw will firmly be on the floor with the revelations she uncovers. For a book I found in my 'Customers who bought this also bought...' on amazon I'm very impressed and want to read it again to see this I didn't the first time round. 

The Lie - CL Taylor 
My Rating: 3.5/5 stars.
Jane Hughes has a loving partner and works at an animal sanctuary in the middle of rural Wales, she's the happiest she's been in years but her life is a lie. Jane Hughes doesn't exist. Five years prior, her best friends and her planned a once in a lifetime trip to Napal which rapidly turned into a nightmare which took the lives of two women. Jane tries to put the past behind her but someone knows she isn't who she says she is...

I enjoyed uncovering what really happened while they went away but found it hard to keep up with the many characters they meet on their travels as everyone is relevant to the story. The conclusion is good and the build up perfectly suits the ending but I wasn't as impressed with this book as the others. 

The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins
My Rating: 5/5 stars.
Rachel gets the same commuter trains both morning and evening, she knows the route like the back of her hand, even to the moment when the train stops at the same red signal every day. She's started to feel like she knows the people in the houses on the route, Jason and Jess, she calls them, and their life is perfect. Everything is the same until one day she sees something she shouldn't and she feels like she has to find a way into their lives, to tell them. 

This is one of the most talked about books at the moment so I couldn't not get my hands on it and read it! I read this in 3 sitting as I couldn't put it down until I was dragged away from the story to do stuff! The story is much more than what it seems at first and the story gains more and more depth as you read on. You uncover the mysteries of everyone in those two houses along with Rachel and by the end you'll be reading as quickly as you can to find out who gets what they deserve!


Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer MAC Lipstick Picks

Hello five photos of my face. Sorry all. Thought I'd share my favourite MAC lipsticks that I'll be wearing this summer that are suitable for all occasions! They range from bold to subtle, bright to soft so there's something for every taste, occasion and style!

MAC 'Crosswires' (£15.50)

Crosswires is a pinky red in a creme sheen finish so is super creamy and pigmented and lasts for a pretty long time. It goes lovely with any makeup look and add a pop of colour that isn't too bright or in your face. It's a subtle take on a red, a summer pinky red if you like!

MAC 'Impassioned' (£15.50)
This is the definition of bright pinks. It's in your face and has blue undertones which make your teeth look so white! This is an amplified formula so is heavily pigmented and lasts for a really long time. 

MAC 'Milan Mode' (£15.50)
Milan Mode is a subtle pink shade which somehow looks very similar to Plumful here but I promise you it's pink! It does have flecks of sparkle, but it's nothing 90's style, it enhances the light bouncing off your lips and gives them a nice sheen, nothing sparkly here! It has a lustre finish so is pretty sheer but still has high pigmentation, perfect for summer as it wears evenly and doesn't leave that horrible ring around your lips!

MAC 'Plumful' (£15.50)

The perfect purple. Another lustre that is beautifully subtle. I was wary about buying a purple lipstick but the lustre finish makes it very wearable and it's become one of my most favourite every day lippies! It goes with any look, but I love wearing it with a white shirt, don't ask me why!

MAC 'Vegas Volt' (£15.50)
A full power coral, the definition of summer, and a take on an orange lip. This looks fab with a tan, it just brings out the tan and looks beaut. It's another amplified so lasts for a really long time, a must for a bright lippy like this! 

What are your favourite summer lipsticks? Sorry for the face heavy post but I wanted to show true to colour swatches!


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